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what is

Noon is a public VR device. It allows everyone to watch VR content wherever the device is located. NOON is ready to use straight away! No need to install any apps on your smartphone or put on and adjust a bulky VR headset.

where is

NOON can be placed almost anywhere! The only requirement is the availability of a power line (110-200V) in that place. The weather-proof and anti-vandal case makes it suitable to be placed both indoor and outdoor. It's completely stand-alone and doesn't require any constant presence of technical staff.

how powerful is

NOON has up-to-date electronic components. It is capable of running complex resource-demanding content. Such content is not limited to panoramic photos and videos, it can also be real-time applications with complex 3D graphics at the level of modern video games. The positional audio system adds the whole new level of immersion.