What are the dimensions and weight of the binocular?
The height of the device is 1840 mm, the width of the rotating frame and the diameter bases 450 mm. The weight of the device is 90 kg
How much space is needed to install the device?
For convenient use of the binocular, it is recommended to have free space radius of one and a half meters.
Who is installing the device?
The installation is made by certified specialists
Can the content be interactive?
Yes, users can interact with hotspots within the content and transition to new scenes
What kind of content can be created?
  • A flythrough of a neighborhood or an apartment. Users can explore the surroundings in full 360 degrees during the flythrough.
  • Augmented reality-style activation when hovering over a neighborhood or building layout.
  • Historical reconstructions simulating a journey through time.
  • Any 360 video content.
Is there sound?
It has built-in speakers, so sound is available.
Is it necessary to secure it to the floor?
It can be freestanding and stable on its own. However, it's often requested to be attached to the floor, and we can accommodate that.
What about variations in users' heights?
We can either place multiple devices of different heights nearby or create a small step platform.
Does it have a VR headset inside?
No, it's an original build based on a powerful computer.
Are there any restrictions on using the device?
There are no age restrictions. There is a possibility of occurrence of difficulties of use in people with low stature.
How long does the binocular work? Do I have to turn it off periodically?
The binocular is specially designed for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. In this case, it does not need a power outage.